To load is to transport something from one place to another, which might involve translating it from one format to another too. In the digital realm, a continuous and never-ending demand for higher quality content and faster loading times challenges us to try to keep up with the processing. On the flip side, our thoughts and ideas flow from us into the machines, how do we load these into something that other people can experience?

It's easiest to think of this in terms of a website, as you enter the url and wait for the site to appear there’s a moment where it’s turning from nothing to something. It grows, often very quickly, right in front of your eyes. But it wasn't always like that, it started as a blank file and took time, energy and consideration to be able to load in front of you today.

This series is an exploration of live loading from my self to the internet. Each time to start with something blank and turn it to something finished, something loaded. Our expectations of immediate visual stimuli will be dulled here, instead an experience in the slowness of making.

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